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Front Bumper/Splitter

Automatic Front Bumpers are innovative and practical accessories designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your vehicle’s front end. These bumpers are specifically engineered to deploy and retract automatically, providing a range of benefits for drivers.


1.Enhances the vehicle’s appearance and aerodynamics, retracting flush with the body when not in use to reduce wind resistance and noise.
2.Provides added protection for the front of your vehicle, extending outward when needed to absorb impact and minimize damage in the event of a collision.
3.Improves off-road capabilities, with some models featuring adjustable ride height for increased ground clearance.
4.Enhances safety by deploying automatically in certain situations, such as during a collision or when driving off-road.

Good Points:

1.Easy to use, with automated deployment and retraction for added convenience.
2.Made from durable materials such as aluminum or steel, ensuring strength and longevity.
3.Enhances the functionality and versatility of your vehicle, providing added protection and off-road capability.
4.Provides a sleek and integrated look, complementing the vehicle’s design without compromising its aesthetics.

Overall, Automatic Front Bumpers are a practical and stylish accessory that adds convenience and functionality to your vehicle, enhancing its appearance and protection.

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